Thursday, 29 January 2009

Ant People

Today I arrived in a place called London. 
It is full of giant ants.

I am finding it very difficult walking along the pavements; ant people rush  by me at hyper-speed, and it is similar to the experience I had when I once drifted through an asteroid field close to the planet Stonker. I have noticed that the ant people all rush into the centre of their nest around 9:00, and then all rush out at 17:00. Millions of them.

Many of them carry weapons, which look like spears, and they also have striped bodies, black cylindrical heads, and shiny black feet. I think these are called 'banker-ants,' and they act very strangely compared to the rest of the ants. They appear to do the least amount of work.

The queen must lay a lot of eggs as the ants are all very big.  She lives in the centre of the nest and is guarded by ants with huge furry heads and bright red bodies; I think that these ants may be poisonous, but I am not sure. 

I considered visiting the queen, but figured she was probably busy laying eggs.

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