Wednesday, 14 January 2009

The Fall

My First Day on Earth.

On January 8th, 2009, I (Conisholme) was left behind on this strange planet after my ship collided with a giant spinning flower called 'Turbine.' 

The mother ship was low on fuel and the prices of unleaded petrol on this planet were extortionate, so due to low fuel it was agreed that the mission would be aborted, and we would return home. Before we set off, I volunteered to pick a giant flower to take back as a souvenir. 

As I reached out to touch the petals, the flower bit the mother ship and I fell to the ground. The tentacle up-linker tried to collect me, but the spinning petals disrupted the process and a stable light transportation tunnel couldn’t be sustained long enough to collect me. So I am stuck here, I guess.

Day 6

I have remained invisible since the crash. I feel scared. 

Human beings are strange creatures and seem interested in the giant flower too. I cannot understand their tongues at this stage, but I understand other parts of their language by watching their eyes, hands and also their choice of garments. Men have been standing around the flower all night wearing suits the colour of the sun. They are chained to beasts, which have four legs and wear furry jackets. The beasts seem more intelligent than the men and it feels like they sense my presence.

Other men are gathered that have flashing machines. The machines appear to be stars and they aim the stars at the flower. Maybe, this is a religion of some kind? I managed to decipher a sign today, which said, ‘centre,’ so I think that I am in the middle of something. I hope it isn’t anything dangerous.

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