Thursday, 5 February 2009

The Magic Box of Trickery

Why do the humans worship a small box called: television?

The flashing boxes are everywhere and appear to be multiplying....
I found them in many places: homes, bars, streets, train stations, shops, buses, trains, cars, and even in the humans' pockets. Some homes have a flashing box in each room, so this deity must be very important to the humans.

Everyday millions of humans sit down and worship this box of illusions. Some of them are very religious and spend all day praying; I admire this dedication to one's god. Humans also have some sort of telephone that they point at the boxes and make some sort of contact, but the big, hairy humans seem very protective of this device.

I tried to worship one of the televisions, but I was distracted by a man called Dale Winton inside the box; he appeared to be talking nonsense whilst playing with some balls with numbers on them. I am confused about why people look at this.

I went into the kitchen and I discovered a 'food television.' This was very strange as it could be opened and very kindly provided food. This was my favourite television of the day.

I will tell my planet about the box of illusions - I think it stops people thinking, but I am not sure.


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