Tuesday, 3 February 2009

White Stuff

The clouds are falling to pieces and landing on the ground.

For the last two days, strange white powder has been falling from the sky. I am wondering if this powder is some kind of drug, as the humans seem to be happier and more connected to each other.

I watched as people picked up this 'cloud powder,'  and then acted in strange ways. Some of them ate it, others shared it around by throwing it into the faces of strangers, but the strangest thing of all was watching people build small people with vegetable noses.

The cloud powder is probably an amphetamine as people smiled a lot, looked energized, and acted more excited than normal. Especially children, who acted hysterically and appeared to have lost their minds; I think the dosage is probably too strong for them.

Since my crash landing, this is the first time I have seen humans looking at their planet and connecting to nature. Many of them didn't go to work, even the giant ant-people in London.

I wonder why the clouds are falling to bits though?

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