Saturday, 11 April 2009


Human beings are strange creatures; I mean why would any race choose to imprison themselves in a system that requires them to make money simply to survive? 

This planet is vast and beautiful, plentiful of food and water, forests and animals, yet most of the people are without food and water, in fact nearly 25% of the population have no clean water. I believe humans to be intelligent and innovative, but they are also like sheep. They just follow what's in front of them - in this case: capitalism. A system where most people are actually slaves - it sounds extreme, but it's true.

A person can degrade and wither if they do not have money, so to have money they have to work, sometimes in a job that they do not like. It seems strange to me that a person spends 50 years of their life working - for what? Old age?

This concept called 'work' is similar to their concept of time - a human model projected onto something to create order, yet it is simply a way to imprison themselves. I wonder how humans would react to the end of time; a world without clocks, deadlines, dates and appointments. I wonder how the world would be without money, a world where things are shared, even water and food. Even water and food - how bizarre, even water...

The human race is full of division - I wonder what event will bring people together onto the same team? Whatever it may be, it is approaching, so get ready for changes...

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