Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Time Machines

Many of the humans own mini, metal, time machines. 

There are many miles of roads all around this planet; they're like veins carrying blood cells around a body. But, these concrete veins called 'roads' are very crowded with many time-machines.

These time machines have four wheels and transport humans from A to B much quicker than walking; therefore they are traveling into the future quicker. The time machines vary in colour, shape and size and have names like 'Mini' and 'Morris' - there was also one named after an 80s pop singer called 'Toyota.' 

Most of them release a poisonous gas into the air; I am not sure if this is some sort of protection or simply rude. I mean why would humans want to poison themselves and their planet with harmful gases?

Apparently, a hu(man) called Jeremy Clarkson is the time lord, who controls the time machines and treats them like cattle. 

Some humans pimp their time machines and spend many hours inside them, but I think these humans are either too far into the future or stuck in the past. 

I asked the time lord: Jeremy, about these people, but he told me to 'F off,' I wasn't sure what he meant by this but his perm hinted he had just travelled back from the 80s, so maybe he was tired.