Monday, 2 March 2009

Pigeon Street

Pigeons rule the roost.

I have noticed that pigeons rule the world. They hold meetings in every city square all over the world. And why they are busy organizing 'coos' and the pecking order, their human servants fuss around them with food and drinks.

The pigeons don't seem to be fussy when it comes to food, but their human servants tend to feed them with bags of white stuff. I think it is cocaine. So the pigeons probably control the drug trade as well. This would make sense considering they are proper wired most of the time and dance about head butting the floor all day. 

I think the main pigeons (the heavies) are the ones with only one leg - they seem  a lot calmer than the rest, and I think it is a sign of bravery to have one leg. Some of the younger pigeons pretend they only have one leg to look hard, but they are simply hiding their other leg. 

There are also some really greasy looking pigeons that look like they have been dropped into a sewer, but I'm guessing they are in camouflage or working undercover. The drug trade is tough I guess.

The picture above is the head honcho: Dirt Feather. I think he is the 'Scarface' of the pigeon world. He leaves a trail of shit wherever he goes. Heavy.

I will make friends with the pigeons.